Honda gives us another glimpse of its upcoming mid-size truck, and tells us it'll be the star of a Super Bowl 50 commercial.

Honda Senior Vice President, Jeff Conrad, calls the upcoming rebirth of the Ridgeline pickup truck “better suited to the way many buyers use their truck.” That statement, in concert with the square-shouldered teaser picture of the new truck’s rear end, leads us to believe that Honda has a real truck on its hands, this time around.

The company is set to unveil its new mid-size pickup at the Detroit Auto Show in January. This teaser is really just the latest piece of intel we have as to what form the Ridgeline will take; as we have spy shots, the Baja Race truck, and a concept drawing, as well.

Take those assets together, and its easy to draw a picture of something entirely more conventional-looking than the high-hipped, bustle-back pickup that went out of production in 2014. If company designers and engineers can combine a more conventional truck look (let’s face it, truck buyers are not fashion risk takers), with some of the old versions unique functionality, this could be an interesting product.

What’s more, it’ll be a well-publicized product. Along with the 2017 Honda Ridgeline teaser image, the company has announced that it will air a 60-second spot at this year’s Super Bowl 50. The commercial is still under wraps, but don’t be surprised if we see ‘teaser’ commercials for the commercial… ah, The Internet. In fact, the Honda release tells us that the Super Bowl spot will be just one element of an “extensive multi-platform campaign” to support the Ridgeline’s debutant turn.

Honda is going to need a huge jump out of the blocks for the ’17 Ridgeline, if it’s meant to compete with its historic competitors. Consider that even in its best sales year the Ridgeline sold about 50,000 units, where midsize truck champ Toyota Tacoma has regularly surpassed 150,000, and is already over 160,000 for 2015 year-to-date. We’re excited to see how this new chapter plays out.

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