Cadillac's Chief Marketing Officer was a big supporter of the ELR but in a recent interview he called the model a "big disappointment."

Talking to Automobile Magazine, Uwe Ellinghaus admitted the model was a flop but he still wants the car in the lineup because the ELR is progressive and highlights electromobility.  However, he concedes the ELR was a bit of a learning exercise as the company tried to "create a car that was the niche in the niche in the niche."

The combination of limited appeal and a high price tag proved to be disastrous as models trickled off dealer lots and the company had enough inventory left over that a 2015 model wasn't necessary.

Cadillac appears to have learned its lesson as Ellinghaus confirmed the brand will be taking a more conservative approach by simply adding plug-in hybrid powertrains to existing models rather than trying to create something a little more bespoke.  Things will kick off next year with the launch of the CT6 plug-in hybrid and Ellinghaus confirmed the eco-friendly powertrain will eventually find its way into other cars and SUVs.

As for the ELR, it was recently upgraded with a larger capacity lithium-ion battery and a more powerful powertain that produces 233 hp (174 kW) and 373 lb-ft (506 Nm) of torque.  The model still isn't cheap at $65,995 but a quick check of the incentives reveals the ELR is eligible for whopping $10,000 discount.

Source: Automobile Magazine

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