The Knight Rider reboot failed to find a following when it released in 2008 but it appears fans of the original show are in for a bit of a treat.

A mysterious new trailer has appeared on YouTube touting a movie called Knight Rider Heroes.  Unlike the ill-fated reboot, the trailer suggests David Hasselhoff will return to play Michael Knight and continue to drive a KITT based on a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

The movie's plot is also a bit of a mystery but the clip suggests the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) went underground after it was disbanded in 1986.  The trailer goes on to suggest FLAG was shut down by criminals in the government and the program has quietly been reinitiated.

Viewers are then treated to a shot of David Hasselhoff in his iconic black leather jacket as he stares off in the distance to see KITT rapidly approaching.  Hasselhoff then turns to a new recruit and asks him if he's sure he is ready for this.

There's no word on when or if the movie will hit theaters but Hollywood loves recycling classics.

Source: Youtube via Autoblog

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