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Turin-based CAMAL design center has sent us a set of images with its latest project, the Ramusa all-wheel drive hybrid hypercar.

The Ramusa (“lizard” in Piedmontese dialect) has been envisioned as a performance vehicle with off-road capabilities thanks to AWD and an increased ground clearance. It’s powered by a 3.5-liter V12 quad-turbo engine borrowed from the Bugatti EB110 from where the vehicle has sourced the chassis and other components. It sends power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed gearbox, while a central electric motor propels the front axle to enable an AWD layout.

This hardware arrangement ensures a combined output of more than 800 hp (597 kW), but there’s no word just yet about performances. We do know the Ramusa has an overall length of 170 inches (4320 mm) and is 79.5 inches (2020 mm) wide. Despite the 250-mm ground clearance, it remains relatively low at 51 inches (1300 mm) and comes with plastic body cladding and many exposed carbon body parts, including the wheel arches.

It’s interesting that CAMAL used as foundation a model that went out of production more than 20 years ago and combined it with an entirely new and original design. Overall, the philosophy behind this concept is similar to the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour, a hybrid between a supercar and an off-roader.

We should point out CAMAL has expressed its intentions to put the two-seater concept into a limited production series. Taking into account the Ramusa was envisioned with the EB110’s engine, the real deal (if there’s going to be one) will obviously receive a different unit.

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