Alfa Romeo plans to develop a large vehicle in the United States that is supposed to arrive in 2027. The info comes from brand boss Jean-Philippe Imparato speaking during a media roundtable, according to Automotive News.

Imperato wasn't willing to identify the vehicle as a sedan or crossover. In an interview in March, the brand boss said he wanted he vehice to rival the BMW X5, X6, and 7 Series. He also indicated his goal for this product to compete in the most-profitable segment in the world.

Imperato said a decision about the vehicle's form would happen by the end of the year. Developing the model in the US and aiming for a highly profitable segment might toward this automobile being a utiity vehicle rather than a traditional car. Crossovers do big business there.

"Our offer for a large size vehicle must fit international markets, American, Chinese, European," he said during the recent media call.

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The powertrain for the vehicle is a complete mystery. By 2027, Alfa Romeo wants 100 percent of its products in Europe, North America, and China to be EVs. 

While Alfa Romeo is going to develop this vehicle in the US, the company doesn't yet know whether it would build the product in the country. "Producing in the US is not something we have decided and it is something we don't want to decide now," Imperato said.

Alfa Romeo has quite a few other new products on the horizon because five models are coming by 2026. Among the upcoming offerings, an electric crossover is coming in 2024 to slot below the Tonale and Stelvio. The next generation of the Giulia will also be an EV.

Outside of EVs, Alfa Romero will allegedly show a concept for a low-volume sports car in 2023. Assuming a good reaction from potential buyers, a production version will reportedly arrive around the middle of the decade. The engine will possibly be the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 from the Quadrifoglio trims of the Giulia and Stelvio. This might be the final combustion-powered offering from the Italian brand.

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