Admit it – you've been waiting for this drag race ever since the new Acura Integra debuted earlier this year, if for no other reason than to see and hear the classic ITR in action. On that front, the latest video from motoring superstar Jason Cammisa at Hagerty doesn't disappoint. Nor does it stop at a new-versus-old showdown. And just when you think it's a done deal, the racing action gets downright crazy.

It all starts with the young gun Integra racing its dad. Actually, this is more like a nephew facing off against a crazy uncle, the one still does keg stands and has Nirvana posters in the living room. The Type R is the epitome of previous-generation Integra performance, whereas the new 'Teg is, well, new. It hasn't had a chance to evolve beyond the opening salvo of trim levels, so in that respect, it's tough to call this a fair fight.

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However, both cars are well-matched on paper. As a reminder, the new Integra borrows the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder from the Honda Civic Si, pumping out 200 horsepower versus 195 hp in the high-revving Type R. Both shift gears with three pedals and a stick, and while the new Acura is quite a bit heavier than uncle R, it also has a significant torque advantage. And wouldn't you know, the race is actually close with the new Integra winning by roughly a car length. Considering it isn't a top-dog performance model, it's a decent showing.

That's when the modern competition arrives... and it's not good for Acura.

With 276 hp and sticky summer tires, the Hyundai Elantra N is in a completely different universe from the Integra. TheVolkswagen Jetta GLI's 228-hp is closer, but at the end of a quarter-mile drag race, both cars are well ahead of the Acura. Admittedly, this competition does pit dedicated performance models against a standard vehicle. But with the Acura priced higher than both sports sedans, there's no denying its athletic deficiencies.

To really make that live for you, Cammisa lines up one final drag race against something decidedly not aimed at Integra buyers. The Ford Bronco Raptor has more than double the Acura's power, but it also carries three times the mass. By the numbers, the jump-happy SUV should be faster on pavement. But can the off-roader win against the Integra while actually racing off the road? It's the culmination of a very cool video, and we won't spoil the ending for you.

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