Rolls-Royce will launch its first battery-electric vehicle late next year. The Spectre still has the majority of its development time ahead as the automaker fine-tunes the car to meet Rolls’ high standards. However, no one should expect the company to follow the trends of others. When the Spectre goes on sale, it won’t feature a Ludicrous Mode like a Tesla.

In an interview with Autocar India, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos said that the company would never offer a Ludicrous Mode “like Tesla ever.” Instead, the Spectre “will offer waftability in its most impressive form.”

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The new Spectre is currently completing tests in France. The automaker is focusing on developing the new suspension hardware, which will be a key factor in determining how the car rides and handles. The new system will allow Rolls to offer the company’s “magic carpet ride” experience in the EV. Muller-Otvos told the publication the Spectre would offer an experience similar to a Gulf Stream private jet taking off.

Rolls-Royce’s shift toward becoming an all-electric brand by 2030 has not turned off clientele, and that’s likely due to the type of market the company serves. According to Muller-Otvos, EVs fit “quite naturally to Rolls-Royce.” Muller-Otvos pointed out in the interview that EVs are quiet and powerful, adding that he’s not worried so long as the Spectre delivers a “true Rolls-Royce experience.” The company has received positive feedback about its EV endeavors, too.

Rolls-Royce still has a lot of time to hone the Spectre before it reaches customers. According to the company, the EV is only about 40 percent complete, which is up from the 25 percent reported earlier this year when we took the opportunity to drive a prototype. Since then, Rolls has reduced the car’s drag coefficient from 0.26 to 0.25, and we expect there will be other improvements as development continues. The car is set to complete a 2.6-million-kilometer (1.6-million-mile) test cycle.

We expect Rolls-Royce to continue teasing the EV as it develops the Spectre. We hope to learn about the powertrain in the coming months, an area the company has kept secret. We still have a lot to learn about the model.

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