Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne says he is still pushing hard to bring the Alfa Romeo name back to top-level motor racing.

As revealed in March, Marchionne is eager to resurrect the Alfa Romeo name in junior categories – potentially through an LMP2 programme or the badging of a future Formula 2 engine – to complement its planned TCR entry in 2016 with the Giulietta touring car.

It also emerged last month too that during brief discussions with Red Bullabout an engine tie-up in F1, the idea of the power units being rebadged as Alfa Romeo was briefly discussed before the deal fell apart.

Speaking at Maranello on Monday, Marchionne said: “Alfa Romeo is still in peoples' hearts, so we are thinking of a comeback in motorsport. 

"It is important that Alfa comes back, and they will be one more competitor.”

Marchionne also explained that Ferrari has looked seriously at the idea of rebadged engines with Red Bull, before the deal ultimately fell apart.

"The target was to create an engine coherent with the actual F1 rules,” said Marchionne of the rebranding plan.

“I don't know if the performance should be equivalent with the one that we use in the races, but we pushed ourselves hard to do it.”

By: Jonathan Noble, Formula 1 Editor

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