Chevrolet has quietly announced the Silverado Special Ops concept will be going into limited production.

Chevrolet has quietly announced the Silverado Special Ops concept will be going into limited production.

Recently shown at Saturday's Army-Navy football game, the Silverado Special Ops is slated to go into production next spring and Chevrolet will donate a portion of the proceeds from each model to the Navy SEAL Museum.

Chevrolet didn't have much to say about the production model but the concept was based on the Silverado 1500 Z71 and featured a naval camouflage exterior with black grille inserts and LED auxiliary lights.  The truck also had black bowtie emblems, new rocker guards, a GearOn utility rack, and 20-inch alloy wheels with off-road tires.

The interior had minor changes including waterproof seat covers, Ejector Orange accents, and camouflaged inspired trim.

On the performance front, the concept had a new air intake, a sports exhaust system, and a high-performance braking system.  Unfortunately, these items are unlikely to be offered on the special edition.

In a statement, Navy SEAL Museum executive director Rick Kaiser said “The partnership will ... help us aid the families of fallen, injured, and active duty Navy SEALs through the efforts of our Trident House and scholarship programs."

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