Fire trucks and ambulances are great for more than their life-saving capabilities. They are perfect for converting into an RV as both platforms offer endless design possibilities. The latest comes from the Dutch Collectief Soepel – a collaboration between six entrepreneurs who enjoy building a variety of things. This converted Mercedes Vario fire truck is the sixth RV the team has created. 

The Mercedes formerly served as a Swiss fire truck. The RV retains the fire truck’s bright yellow color scheme on the cab, which also features a strip of orange for extra visibility. The rest of the RV is finished in pale green, and it looks a bit subtle from the outsides, but all that changes when you step into it. 

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The interior isn’t finished in your typical RV aesthetic. There is light-colored wood throughout that’s softened with rounded contours. The kitchen features birch plywood and an ash countertop. The collective used one-hundred-percent recycled plastic for the doors, too.

There are curved cabinets over the sink, rounded shelf cutouts, a round porthole in the kitchen, and a circular entrance to the beds. Even the door to the bathroom looks like a pill with rounded ends. Collectief Soepel worked closely with the customer in designing the build.

The mustard benches and pale table feel straight out of the 1970s. The orange comforter on the bed also adds a subtle splash of color. There’s an additional bed tucked above the truck cab, giving the RV two dedicated bedroom spaces. Collectief Soepe designed the camper for a family of five who will permanently live in the RV. It looks like the dinette area with the foldable table can also convert into a bed.

Not only does the RV have an excellent design, but it’s also functional. There’s a two-burner stovetop, a fridge, and a small oven. Collectief Soepel has built other RVs, each as unique as this Mercedes. It’ll be interesting to see what the collective comes up with for their seventh RV design because anything is possible

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