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McLaren has announced production of the P1 supercar has reached the end of the line after the assembly of the 375th car.

All 375 units were already pre-sold by the time when production kicked off in the summer of 2013 and in these images we see the first and final units: an Ice Silver example and a pearlescent orange model, respectively. Built through McLaren’s MSO division, the Woking-based automaker mentions no two cars are the same as each was custom-built to the owner’s exact specifications. Each car took 17 days to complete on average and the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) finished one unit per day.

Aside from the 375 production cars, McLaren also made 13 experimental prototypes, 5 validation prototypes, and 3 pre-production cars. 105 people worked on each car and the people in the paint shop applied 5-8 liters of base coat color along with 8-9 liters of lacquer. For some of the vehicles with a more elaborate finish, the paint process took up to 5 days.

The build time for each P1 stood at 800 hours and the most popular paint was Volcano Yellow. During development, McLaren covered no less than 385,250 miles (620,000 km) which is the equivalent to more than 15 times around the globe. More than 33% of the testing was conducted on several tracks from all over the world.

Out of all 375 cars, 34% were sold to customers in The Americas, 26% to Europeans, 13% to buyers from the Middle East & Africa, and 27% to clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Interestingly, McLaren says production of the track-only P1 GTR is in the final stages and will come to an end in the coming weeks. 

Gallery: McLaren P1 production reaches finish line after 375 cars

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