We’ve just stumbled upon a rather lovely BMW 750i (E38) currently being sold by Vilner for $25,000 (€23,000).

We’ve just stumbled upon a rather lovely BMW 750i (E38) currently being sold by Vilner for $25,000 (€23,000).

If you are a fan of older Bimmers, now is your chance to own a mint 7-Series of the E38 generation with full service history and driven for 90,098 miles (145,000 km). The vehicle was first registered back in July 2001, so this is one of the last E38 units ever made taking into account production ended the same year.

Its V12 5.4-liter engine produces a healthy 321 hp (240 kW) and 363 lb-ft (490 Nm) of torque. It's enough muscle to grant the full-size premium sedan with a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) run in 6.6 seconds and a 155 mph (250 km/h) electronically-restricted top speed.

The 750i E38 tips the scales at 4,398 lb (1,995 kg) and features a five-speed automatic transmission sending the engine’s power to those 19-inch Z-Performance wheels. Vilner has also incorporated daytime running lights in the halogen headlights and mounted a subtle spoiler lip on the trunk. More importantly, the car’s engine, brakes, differential, and AC have all been rebuilt, while the belts and filters are brand new.

As for the interior, this is where the aftermarket specialists worked their magic to freshen up the 7-Series. Grey leather was used to cover the dashboard, along with decorative stitching for the seats and door panels. Moreover, there are black piano varnish accents on the dash, center console, gear shift lever, steering wheel, door strips, and on the back of the front seats.

The car comes with numerous other goodies, including an adjustable suspension, side blinds, sports pedals, navigation, electric seats, built-in phone, and more.

Source: vilner.eu

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