Volvo has revealed the recently introduced S90 mid-size sedan will be coupe-ified by the end of the decade.

The S80-replacing S90 made its media debut last week and now Volvo is focusing on the wagon version due next year with the "V90" moniker. It will be shown in the flesh at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will eventually be followed by a sleeker S90-based coupe. Volvo’s senior vice president of design, Thomas Ingenlath, has already indicated the model in question will have a lot in common with the stunning Concept Coupe revealed in 2013.

The production version will likely arrive by the end of the decade and could eventually spawn a convertible, although Ingenlath refused to talk about a possible open-top derivative. As for the coupe, it will likely be called “C90” and will ride on the same SPA platform as the S90 sedan and V90 wagon from where it will inherit the four-cylinder engines.

This new mid-size coupe will have to wait since after the V90’s release, Volvo will shift focus towards its new “40” and “60” models slated to come out starting 2017. In addition, a fully electric vehicle is pinned for a 2019 launch, so the C90 is not exactly a top priority right now on Volvo’s agenda.

Note: Attached images represent speculative renders by The Automobilist.

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