Aston Martin won't build cars with Mercedes

Aston Martin and Daimler signed an agreement which called for Mercedes-AMG to build a V8 engine for their British colleagues but it appears the relationship between the two companies has its limits.

Speaking to Road & Track, Aston Martin Chief Program Engineer John Caress firmly said "It's not a collaboration. It's not a joint venture. We're not doing any cars together." Caress went on to say even though Mercedes-AMG will be providing the engine, Aston Martin will remain in control of its final calibration.

Speaking of the engine, Caress said the upcoming V8 will sound like an Aston Martin despite its German origins.  As he explained, Aston Martin customers are "quite unassuming" and they want a technical sounding exhaust note and not one that sounds like fire and brimstone.

The company's V12 engine, on the other hand, will carry on as long as possible. Caress said the company could have gone the down-sizing route to meet emissions and fuel economy requirements but Aston would rather keep the V12 and offer electric vehicles so the two effectively cancel each other out from an emissions perspective.

Source: Road & Track

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