Mercedes has decided to cover the SL-Class in latex for the sake of fashion (and to make it the safest SL ever).

Of all the marketing stunts automakers have pulled over the years, this one is right up there in the list with the most peculiar ones. It seems Mercedes has a fetish for latex as it was applied entirely on an SL by Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo to promote the Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Campaign and Film. The supermodel standing next to the car is Natasha Poly and as you would expect she is wearing a matching latex dress.

The photo shoot was directed by American photographer Jeff Bark in a working quarry located in Miami, Florida. This location was selected to emphasize the contrast between the car’s sleekness and the rugged appearance of the environment. It was all done for the “Obsession with an Icon” campaign to put the facelifted SL in the spotlight.

Mercedes-Benz explains latex was used to better show off the “sinuous lines and sensual curves” of the roadster which is an integral part of the International Fashion Engagement for Mercedes-Benz in the Autumn/Winter 2016 season.

As for the car itself, it came out last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a mildly revised exterior, a more powerful SL 400, and an optional curve tilting function. It’s bound to hit dealerships worldwide starting early next year and word on the street says Mercedes-Benz plans on making it cheaper.

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