Update: Added 23 additional spy images to the photo gallery.

In October 2021, we heard rumblings about another trim level for the Ford Bronco called Heritage. Details were scarce, aside from it possibly slotting above the Wildtrack. Now, we have what could be our first look at the Heritage model, and there's not a spec of camouflage to be seen.

At a glance, it looks like a typical Bronco four-door in red. However, the red Ford branding in the grille should catch your eye because that's not standard issue for the off-roader. It's the primary clue for this being a Heritage model, as rumors say it will nix the Bronco lettering for Ford in the grille. This is a direct callback to the 1966 Bronco, and these spy images leave nothing to the imagination.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Spy Photos

With that in mind, what other features do we see on this Bronco? If we're honest, not much. We'd heard that Heritage models could have a white roof but obviously, this one is black. The grille appears to come from a Black Diamond trim, and the wheels are very similar (but not identical) to those on the Bronco Everglades. The wheels could be unique for the Heritage, suggesting it might also come standard with the Sasquatch package. We certainly see Sasquatch components on this Bronco, and it supports rumors of Heritage trims having all kinds of standard-issue equipment.

One thing we don't see is branding that denotes the trim. Small badges are usually mounted on the fenders, so an absence of such detail could support this being a Heritage test vehicle. And since these photos catch a fleeting glimpse of a Bronco on the highway, we can't look inside to suss out interior trim and equipment. If previous Heritage rumors are true, this could be a $50,000 SUV slotting between Wildtrack and Everglades.

The odds of finding out soon are pretty good. The Heritage rumors first percolated over a year ago, and Ford obviously isn't very concerned about hiding the new grille. Add it all up, and a Bronco Heritage announcement could be just weeks away. Until that happens, catch more Bronco discussion in the Rambling About Cars podcast, available below.

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