The BMW 2002 is an icon that helped BMW build the brand we know and love today. Although many think of the iconic BMW 3-Series when envisioning a BMW, the 2002 kicked off BMW’s excellence in the small saloon car space. The BMW 2002 featured in this video is beyond dirty after years of sitting and neglect. Luckily it was purchased by one of the best car detailers on the planet, Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC, who is completing a deep clean before selling it to its next owner.

This 1973 BMW 2002 has seen better days, but it's nothing a detail cant fix. Larry gets to work spraying down the entire exterior of the car to start to remove years of grime and grease. The engine bay is hit with a special degreasing foam, while the undercarriage is expertly power washed to remove pockets of built-up dirt and debris. There was so much hidden dirt in the BMW 2002’s undercarriage that Kosilla had to wear a face mask to protect himself.

On the BMW 2002’s exterior, the buildup of grease was the toughest dirt to remove. Luckily, Kosilla has a lineup of professional detailing products from his Ammo lineup to help tackle this stubborn dirt.

Kosilla’s degreasing products were also very helpful when cleaning the BMW 2002’s carpets that were extremely neglected. The removal of the seats also revealed a mouse nest with the poor inhabitants still inside after living a good life in their BMW home.

The BMW 2002’s wheels were in desperate need of a good clean, but their 20-spoke design meant that each wheel took a great deal of time to detail. These wheels were a perfect opportunity for Larry to test out prototypes of his new wheel brush that features a two-tier design to get into deep crevices on ornate wheels like this, with tiny spots for dirt to build up.

The final result is a perfect example of why you should clean your car before you sell it. This cleaned-up BMW 2002 looks far better than its original form thanks to this full detail by Kosilla. If seeing the before and after of this BMW 2002 doesn’t motivate you to clean your car today, I’m not sure what will.

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