Police vehicles face a tough job that demands a robust platform capable of getting somewhere in a hurry. Today’s Ford-based police vehicles are built for the job, but much like their road cars, the aftermarket has found a way to improve upon the stock offerings. The team at Steeda, a famous aftermarket Ford supplier, is now offering a host of parts or complete vehicles for law enforcement duty based on the Ford Explorer Interceptor or the Ford Mustang GT.

The Steeda SSV Mustang is the pinnacle of cool Ford police vehicles. This Mustang GT-based police vehicle uses the 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission and ungraded Coyote V8 alongside a host of suspension upgrades to create the ultimate pursuit vehicle. The V8 engine benefits from a tune and cold air intake for a small bump in power. Thanks to the addition of the AWE Track exhaust criminals will be able to hear you from a mile away.

The real performance upgrades on the Steeda Mustang SSV are in the suspension system. Steeda’s full Mustang SSV package includes Front and rear sway bars, IRS Subframe bushing support kit, IRS subframe alignment kit, IRS subframe support brackets, low profile jacking rails, and an Ultralite 2-Point G-Trac Brace. Steeda will perform a performance alignment to make sure these new suspension upgrades are put to good use.

If the Mustang SSV isn’t spacious enough for your police needs Steeda has you covered with upgrades for the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor. Since there are no longer any Ford sedans on sale today, the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is now the default choice for police departments nationally. The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is spacious and comfortable but since it is an SUV it has to deal with a higher curb weight and center of gravity compared to the old sedan-based interceptors.

Steeda works to improve the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor’s handling with a suspension upgrade kit that includes lowering springs, an adjustable rear sway bar, and a front strut tower brace. Ecoboost-powered Ford Explorer Police Interceptor can also benefit from a tune by Steeda to improve power output.

Which Steeda police vehicle build is your favorite? For us, it has to be the Mustang SSV. Although it’s a car we’d hate to see in our rearview mirror.

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