The first episode of the revived Top Gear series will be aired on May, 2016.

This information was revealed by Chris Evans, the successor of Jeremy Clarkson as chief host of the show. Evans confirmed the producers had already started “making the films”, during an interview with James Martin on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen. If everything goes according to plan, the filming will be finished on May 5.

“We’re going to America to make our first inter-continental in January,” Evans, 49, added. He did not comment on who his co-presenters would be and maybe we’ll know that next year.

Earlier this year Evans hinted he could present Top Gear solo, saying “I’m a solo artist at the moment” and “I’m on my own, so do I form a band or not?” Speaking at the International Market of Communications Programmes festival in Cannes, he also confirmed The Stig will also be featured in the show - “I don’t want to say anything specific, but The Stig is here today. That might be a clue as to whether he’s here tomorrow.”

The new Top Gear season will have 16 episodes and will be aired on BBC2.

Before the show goes on air, BBC will release the “Top Gear: From A-Z” two-part Christmas special, celebrating the show’s highly successful run from 2002-2015. The special will feature “astonishing footage, insider facts and quirky statistics from the past 13 years of the world’s biggest motoring show,” as BBC announced.

Source: BBC via The Guardian

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