The Ferrari F12tdf has lost its roof in a digital render by Evren Milano to show a hypothetical Aperta version.

Earlier this week we found out the F12 Tour de France is no longer available as all 799 units have found an owner. Now, someone with Photoshop skills has decided to chop off its roof to create an Aperta derivative. It’s highly unlikely this will happen taking into account the F12 Berlinetta upon which the TDF is based never received the roofless treatment for a series production car.

However, let’s not forget the very special F12 TRS revealed last year as a one-off F12 Berlinetta with an open cockpit. The attached renders might give someone with deep pockets an idea to contact Ferrari’s Special Projects division and order the F12tdf equivalent of the unique TRS. You can imagine the car’s price would be sky high as the F12 TRS set the owner back around $4.2 million (not confirmed).

These one-off Ferraris bring in a lot of cash for the Maranello-based marque, so don’t be too surprised if in the years to come it will actually happen. It would obviously have an exorbitant price tag to match its exclusivity, just like the F12 TRS.

Source: via FerrariOwnersClubNL

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