Friends, where do we even begin with this video? Yes, we have a supremely distracted driver in a Corvette convertible crashing into the back of the Lexus. But that's one of just several facepalm moments visible in this short Instagram clip, embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Or possibly displeasure, depending on how you feel about the C8 'Vette.

The post comes from lsx.videos on Instagram and at face value, it's pretty straightforward. We have two guys in a C8 Corvette that drive directly into the back of what looks like a Lexus LX 570. Actually, we only have one guy in the Corvette, as the other takes station on the C8's backside because seats are boring. Aside from the crash, that's facepalm moment number two.


Facepalm number three is at the very beginning of the video, as the driver nearly loses the passenger rider off the back with a short acceleration burst. That could explain the distracted driver, looking back to make sure his buddy isn't plastered to the road. But it doesn't explain why the car is driving on the shoulder between traffic and parked cars. Yup, that's the fourth faux pas of this saga, but the fifth and final facepalm isn't connected to the Corvette.

That honor goes to the Lexus, stopped nearly perpendicular in the road with the front clearly across the double-yellow line. We can see oncoming traffic is stopped because of the maneuver, not to mention the car from which this video was taken. The SUV is actually backing up as the Corvette plows into it, leading us to wonder what crazy shenanigans are afoot here. In any case, the SUV's big white backside was invisible to the C8 driver.

Fortunately, the collision was at low speed and it appears nobody was injured. We don't see any obvious damage on the Lexus, but the 'Vette's front clip is well and truly smashed. Steam from the radiator indicates it's not just cosmetic, either.

With so many motoring mistakes in the span of just a few seconds, some kind of collision was inevitable. Stay safe out there folks, but also, exercise some common sense. You'll be amazed at how many dangerous situations are avoided simply by looking where you're going. 

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