Pagani currently has on display at its old factory showroom a Zonda that covered no less than 1 million km (621,371 miles) during its lifetime.

It started out as a 1998 Zonda C12 powered by Pagani’s first configuration of the M120 engine. With a 6.0-liter displacement and 394-hp output, the car was able to top out at more than 330 km/h (205 mph) back in the day. Later on, it evolved to become the C12-S 7.0 and over the years Pagani used it to develop components for all models until the 760 came along.

As a consequence, a lot of testing was done with this car and now the odometer reads more than one million kilometers which is undoubtedly a record for any Pagani out there. It has received the “La Nonna” (grandmother) nickname due to its long history and was recently fully restored for Horacio’s 60th birthday.

The car was restored to reflect the model’s original configuration, but with some tweaks inspired by the Zonda Cinque. Pagani has plans to put the unique Zonda La Nonna in the newly established factory museum as it represents an important vehicle in the company’s history since it served as foundation for future models.

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Gallery: Pagani restores Zonda La Nonna that did one million kilometers

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