Buying your son a car is one thing, but building one made out of wood is another. However, this Vietnamese father went further and built something different – a wooden version of his son's favorite tank from a video game.

YouTuber ND - Woodworking Art's latest project wasn't the usual wooden cars we often see on the channel. This time around, his son's wish was a tank from the video game World of Tanks. Unlike the previous tank that the same YouTuber created from a repurposed Mitsubishi Delica van, the wooden tank was built and runs differently. It used tracks and sprockets to move, instead of just wheels.

The YouTuber started by building the frame and the wooden "sprockets." Notice the quotation marks as there were actual metal sprockets used to connect the tracks; the wooden ones were just for aesthetics. Using two electric motors, the two tracks moved in two directions, which allowed the tank to do real tank turns with relative ease. The wooden tank even has a rotating cylinder at the center, complete with the bazooka nozzle to complete the look.

Meanwhile, the real hard work began with the body panels and details all made out of wood. The whole project took three months to complete and given the bevy of work that the YouTuber had to go through, we're actually not surprised by that timeline.

It's important to note that the wooden tank appears to be commissioned by the video game World of Tanks given the placement of the logo, both on the video and the tank itself. Regardless, we think highly of this YouTuber's craftsmanship and ingenuity that we've seen in his previous works, such as the cool scale model Bugatti Centodieci made out of wood.

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