Very soon, Cadillac will have a new flagship vehicle. The Celestiq has been teased for the better part of two years, but Caddy's teaser train is finally pulling into the station. We will see the ultra-luxurious sedan in its entirety on July 22. And to hold us over, Cadillac released a few more teaser images showing generous portions of the exterior and interior.

It's important to note that July 22 marks the debut date for the Celestiq Show Car. In other words, this is still a concept of the production model, but we aren't expecting significant differences in the version folks can buy. The new teaser images leave little to the imagination, offering a full view of the Celestiq's fastback shape at the rear, complete with the illuminated Cadillac crest. The brand's trademark vertical taillights also illuminate horizontally along the sides.

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You won't find any exhaust tips beneath the rear fascia. The Celestiq is fully electric, utilizing GM's Ultium platform. Details of motors or horsepower haven't been mentioned yet, but we see Michelin Pilot Sport tires among the latest teaser photos. Such aggressive performance tires are more commonly associated with machines like the Porsche 911, so we assume the Celestiq will pack a serious punch in at least some trim levels.

Inside, we are treated to a wide view of the four-seat arrangement for driver and passengers. Digital screens abound, including a large singular display on the dash. We suspect the greenhouse in the production version will look a bit different versus the show car – among other things, those thin seats don't look especially comfortable. But the takeaway is pretty clear. The Celestiq will be large, luxurious, packed with tech, and if pricing rumors are true, very expensive.

As such, Cadillac says it will be a hand-built machine with a "personal connection" to each buyer. The automaker also talks about creative collaboration, suggesting that Celestiq buyers will have the opportunity to work with the brand on specific configurations. This falls in line with other high-end luxury automakers, but will the Celestiq command enough influence for buyers to step away from Rolls-Royce or Bentley to custom-create a new electric Caddy?

That's a question that won't be answered anytime soon. The Celestiq Show Car debuts on July 22, but Cadillac isn't ready to talk about the availability of production versions just yet. We previously heard that it would arrive sometime before 2025.

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