Volvo and Microsoft have teamed up to jointly develop the next generation of automotive technologies.

As part of their partnership, the two companies demonstrated a number of different uses for Microsoft's HoloLens which is the world’s first fully-untethered holographic computer. 

Volvo envisions the HoloLens could be used as a high-tech car configurator which would allow customers to actually see and experience the different types of options a vehicle can be equipped with.  Dealerships could also use the eyewear to highlight safety features and other vehicle details.

The showroom isn't the only place where HoloLens could be useful as the company's designers could also benefit from seeing their designs come to life.  Even factory workers could wear HoloLens to see real-time information about the components they are installing.

The companies declined to reveal the full extent of their partnership but hinted future areas of collaboration could include autonomous driving technology and the utilization of data generated from connected cars.  These two areas would be a huge boon for Microsoft as Apple and Google already have a head start on autonomous driving tech.  Connected car data could also provide Microsoft with an edge on advertising, even though consumers have been resistant to seeing ads in their cars.

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