When you have developed a sense of self-sufficiency and adventure since you were little, building your own overlanding camper wouldn't be a surprise. That's who exactly Cristin Whetten is, and this is her Toyota Tacoma converted into an adventure machine slash full-time motorhome.

Otherwise known on social media channels as Badass Brunette, Whetten built the Toyota Tacoma camper herself with the help of a friend. It's completely homemade and one-of-a-kind, built on a driveway for two weeks in the middle of winter. So yes, we totally agree with her social media handle for these reasons alone, among others.


Featured over at Tiny Home Tours on YouTube, Whetten's badass motorhome went through many changes over the years. It started out as a sleeper and a carrier of heavy bins. A rooftop tent was then added and then finally, the rear cabin of the truck has also been converted as a storage area. In fact, this is where the refrigerator is located, along with other storage spaces.

Other features of the camper include a giant batwing awning that can be deployed by one person, covering three-quarters of the truck. Apart from the awning, it also has triple-layered window screens, a newly installed diesel heater, roof-mounted solar panels, and a portable potty for emergencies.

As for cooking and bathing, the tailgate converts into an outdoor kitchen and shower. The entire rig is insulated as well, which makes the camper adaptable to different types of climates. Customizations have also been employed on the truck's mechanicals, making it ready for off-road adventures.

Whetten has been to many places but she shared with Hest that the coolest place she has been to was on a remote beach in Baja, Mexico. You can follow her adventures on Instagram and YouTube if you're looking for inspiration for a similar DIY camper rig.

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