It seems demand for V12 engines is still going strong as Mercedes-Benz will increase production capacity of its bi-turbo monster to keep up with orders.

To achieve this, AMG will start assembly of the motor in a new location at Daimler’s factory in Mannheim from February 2016. A separate assembly line is going to be added at this site which will be renovated and prepared to meet the new requirements. AMG will continue to follow the “one man, one engine” philosophy, so each engine is going to be put together by hand by a single engine fitter.

Shifting production of the large 6.0-liter to Mannheim will free up production capacity at the Affalterbach site where the workers now in charge of the V12 will assemble the 8-cylinder engines.

Development of the V12 will continue in Affalterbach and if you remember last year we heard AMG chief Tobias Moers saying the motor will be electrified to meet more stringent CO2 emissions. You can get the 6.0-liter bi-turbo engine nowadays in range-topping models such as the S65, SL65, and the G65. There are some reports indicating Mercedes-AMG is plotting a halo model with a V12 hybrid due in a few years and set to provide the "greatest performance of any Mercedes yet."

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