Login and start commenting

The development of Motor1 continues, dear readers.

Today we’re happy to report that the migration of user accounts is complete. That means you can login to your Motor1 dashboard – just click on that “Sign In” button on the top-corner of any page – with the same user name and password you’ve used for years with WorldCarFans. In turn, that means you’ll be able to connect with us and other readers in the comments section of any story – we look forward to hearing from you.

The migration of your accounts is simply the latest in a string of improvements that we’re bringing to the new Motor1 site. As development continues – at a breakneck speed – you should expect to see the same rapid-fire, up-to-the-second news reporting that you’ve come to expect on WCF. Nothing you love is going away. But we’re preparing to add a new level of content – reviews, reports, videos, and adventures – that we hope will keep you reading and smiling, day in and day out.

We hope you’re as excited about this future as we are to share it with you. Now, let the comments commence.

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