Taking tours of homebuilt motorhomes is fascinating because you can see what elements people emphasize and what they don't care so much about. For example, the couple that owns this modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a deployable, regulation-height basketball hoop, but they stripped out their original composting toilet in favor of a bucket and some sawdust.

Owners Christian and Maci decided to get into the van life because they felt like the rat race in Los Angeles was pulling the couple apart. They eventually bought a 40-foot school bus to live in, but they decided it was too big for them. The next step was downsizing to a minivan, which worked well for them for months.

Eventually, they upgraded to this personalized Sprinter. The exterior has a red-and-black color scheme using bedliner paint for added durability. A ladder at the back provides access to the roof where there's a deck, solar panels, and the deployable basketball hoop.

The interior decorating is bright with neon purple lighting and white paneling on the walls. Fake vines are along the upper part of the walls. Magnets adhere their family photos near the bed.

The vehicle has a two-burner kitchenette, a sink, and a small refrigerator. Two, seven-gallon jugs provide their fresh water. There are lots of drawers and cabinets for storage, in addition to an extending food preparation platform.

The couple also created a little spot for their daughter. Her child seat is there, and she has toys to play with. 

At the back, there's the primary living space. During the day, there's a couch and daybed there. Another section can lift into place to turn this whole area into the sleeping area. Underneath this section, there's storage that's accessible when the rear doors are open.

To make this life possible, Christian is a handyman who offers his services on task rabbit. He has also built a van like the couple's for a person who wanted one. Maci has focused on being a mom and running their YouTube page.

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