Update: Added 13 additional spy photos in a new gallery, featured below.

Depending on where you call home in this big world of ours, the truck you see here could be the L200, the Triton, Strada, or even the Ram 1200. It's Mitsubishi's next-generation midsize pickup, and whatever you call it, know that it will share all kinds of components with yet another vehicle, the Nissan Navara.

This is only our second sighting of the new Mitsubishi, but it's our very first look at a prototype wearing a production-spec body. The truck we saw way back in January 2022 was a test mule utilizing the current truck's skin, albeit still wrapped in camo. Now, it is very easy to see a new face that blends current design features with a big, bold grille. A close look at the front shows C-shaped design elements at the sides, similar to both the current L200 as well as the Outlander SUV.

Gallery: Next-Gen Mitsubishi L200 Additional Spy Photos

Narrow daytime lights are visible just above the C trim. The main headlights are incorporated into the C shape, positioned at the top. Massive driving lamps on the current model are gone; we can see smaller lenses just above the bumper. The biggest change comes with the grille, which adopts a mesh design similar to the Nissan Navara. Camouflage hides the Mitsubishi badge in an almost comical manner, but hey, that's the nature of testing new vehicles.

Gallery: Mitsubishi L200 New Spy Photos

In profile view, the truck retains a familiar shape but we believe the new model will grow slightly. The wheelbase here looks a bit longer, allowing for a slightly larger cabin and bed. We aren't seeing any radical changes at the rear; the taillights should have a fresh design but the rear is a standard-issue pickup truck with a tailgate and step bumper.

There's no missing the no-nonsense tailpipe with a sensor plugged in for emissions monitoring. Despite the shift towards electric power, we expect the next L200 to offer a range of gasoline and diesel engines, depending on the market in which it's sold. That said, plug-in hybrid models with a limited electric-only range are likely at some point as well.

We're still early in the process, but we know Mitsubishi and Nissan are very close-knit at this point. The L200 and next-gen Navara will likely feature the same bones and utilize the same technology for the interior. It will be a while before we get specific details, however, as we don't expect a debut until sometime next year. That could make this either a 2023 or a 2024 model.

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