Kia has revealed plans to introduce a new fuel-cell vehicle in 2020.

Announced as part of the company's new five-year plan, the fuel-cell vehicle will be a mass production model that features next-generation hydrogen fuel stack technology. 

As Kia explains, the fuel stack will be about the same size as 2.0-liter internal combustion engine and will have a "high level of durability and power density."  The company was light on details but confirmed their engineers want the fuel-cell stack to be 5% more efficient and 10% more powerful than current fuel-cell stacks despite being 15% lighter and 15% lower in volume.

The company is also targeting a range in excess of 800 km (497 miles) and a top speed of approximately 170 km/h (105 mph).

Kia is working with 300 different partners to bring the FCV to fruition and the company says the car will be available in global markets.  Kia is also promising the model will be a "high quality" vehicle with "levels of innovation that customers have come to expect from the brand."

Kia expects to build about 1,000 fuel-cell vehicles annually but noted that figure will likely rise in the future as demand for fuel-cell vehicles increases.

Gallery: Kia to introduce a new fuel-cell vehicle in 2020

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