Bentley is playing with the ponies for the new Bentayga Equestrian Collection. This limited run of ten, horse-themed vehicles makes a public debut at the Brussels Stephex Masters show jumping competition that runs from August 24 to 28. They are exclusively available from the brand's dealers in Antwerp, Brussels, and Knokke, Belgium. 

The Equestrian Collection vehicles start as a Bentayga Mulliner in the color Spectre brown with a carbon-fiber styling kit and sport exhaust. They ride on 22-inch 10-spoke wheels with a black finish.

Gallery: Bentley Belgian Equestrian Collection Bentayga V8 by Mulliner

The interior matches the exterior by having the upholstery in the shade Burnt Oak. The piping on the seats and stitching around the cabin is Mandarin orange, which has a dark hue that fits with the brown leather. The chairs also feature diamond-shaped embroidery around the shoulders and have stylized horse heads on them.

In addition, Mandarin-colored stitching appears on the steering wheel and center console. The door panels feature Herringbone Sand Tweed elements. The veneer on the passenger side of the dashboard displays "Belgian Equestrian Collection" with a metal overlay. 

The Mulliner specification of the Bentayga lets buyers pick from 26 additional colors than the crossover's usual palette of paint shades. Inside, there are 27 hide and stitching hues, and customers can specify up to three of them. If these choices aren't to a person's liking, then a client can work with the company to create a custom color. For trim, there are over 100 wood veneer and stone options.

Like with the Equestrian Collection, Mulliner also builds limited-run special editions of the Bentayga. In December 2021, we saw the Outdoor Pursuits Collection. It came in the exterior colors Havana, Cumbrian Green, and Magnetic. Inside, there were high-end fabrics like woven wool and Sand Herringbone Tweed. They came with a leather-covered flask.

In March 2022, Mulliner introduced the unique Bentayga Speed Space Edition for the dealer in Orlando, Florida. It had a Cypress body, which was a shade of dark metallic grey with green undertones, with Orange Flame accents around the entire lower edge of the body. The exterior also had the Blackline Specification that added dark pieces in place of the usual chrome.

Inside, the Space Edition had Galaxy Stone trim for the door panels and portions of the dashboard. There were also bits of Orange Flame trim. The leather upholstery was a mix of the colors Beluga and Porpoise.

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