Volvo's most recent design language has embraced the "less is more" approach and the same can be said about the company's electric spin-off Polestar. You won't find numerous vents, creases, and edges on cars launched by these two Geely-owned brands as they all have smooth surfaces without being overly aggressive. The subtle design approach has certainly worked wonders as both automakers have some of the nicest cars on sale today.

Speaking with Top Gear magazine, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath argues the company he is running is an exception in a sea of ultra-aggressive vehicles. The former Volkswagen Group designer believes today's look-at-me cars have a "very arrogant attitude." So much so that they "molest the people with these expressions" and look like they are all "shouting at you." Walking by one makes him say: "come on, have a certain decency."

Polestar Precept

It's not all negative though as Thomas Ingenlath did say he's fond of how Land Rover has designed the new Defender and Range Rover while praising Renault and Lucid as well. He went on to tell TG that while design is important all over the world, Europeans and Americans tend to care more about how a car drives than people in Asia:

"Design is a big thing that works worldwide, that's for sure. The quality about how the car drives, that of course is a more European and US thing. In Asia it's not necessarily that much of a topic that makes you a star there."

Interestingly, the former Skoda Roomster designer says supercars are not necessarily his cup of tea as his ideal garage consists of mainstream cars such as the Citroën GS, Volkswagen Beetle and Microbus, along with the Renault 4. The Microbus has been reinvented as the electric ID. Buzz while the R4 will return later this decade, also as an EV.

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