Engine supplier Honda technically left Formula 1 at the end of last season, but Red Bull Racing will continue to use the technology until the end of 2025. Meanwhile, the RB18 is first and second in the drivers' championship after 10 races, with Max Verstappen ahead of Sergio Perez by 34 points. When he’s not driving the R18 on track, the reigning F1 champ likes to tackle the urban jungle in the impossibly cute Honda E.

A new special version exclusive to Europe has the backing of the 24-year-old Dutch driver. Simply called the "Limited Edition," Honda's chic EV is finished in a Premium Crystal Red color you won't be able to find on the regular model. It also gets an assortment of black body accents for a contrasting effect, including dark badges at the front and rear. To make it stand out, the Japanese marque gave it unique 17-inch black alloy wheels.

Honda E Limited Edition

Before winning the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in the second half of April, Max Verstappen drove this Honda E Limited Edition in nearby Dozza. Obviously, he had nothing but positive words to say about the electric runabout: "The Honda e Limited Edition is simply lovely. It has funky looks, a compact design, and is fun to drive. It's a great electric urban vehicle."

Based on the Advance Grade trim level, the special version doesn't come cheap since it costs £38,120 in the United Kingdom. That works out to about $46,000 at current exchange rates, which is a lot of money to fork out for a pint-sized EV with a limited range of just 137 miles (220 pounds) in the WLTP cycle. While the range is less than ideal because of the small 35.5-kWh battery pack, the Honda E is a stylish little hatchback with a neat interior.

Max Verstappen would probably want that Type R derivative to happen, especially since Honda has said the platform upon which the EV is based can handle more power. In the meantime, the rear-wheel-drive E makes do with 152 hp and 232 lb-ft (315 Nm), which should be more than enough for city driving.

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