Is the 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV the ultimate motorhome? Based on this walkaround video by Matt’s RV Reviews it will be hard to beat. When it comes to motorhomes, intelligent use of both space and tech is critical for success. The 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV uses very clever packaging solutions and tech implementation to create the perfect motor home for long-distance travel.

In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, motorhome and overlander popularity reached new all-time highs. Motorhomes are a great option for those who like to travel in comfort without relying on unknown hotels and campsites to spend the night.

The world of luxury motorhomes is a rapidly growing space that offers customers the very best in luxurious ground transportation. The 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV is part of a new generation of tech-packed luxury motor homes for those who like to travel with their own personal theater-style seating in the living room.

The 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV has a full kitchen that offers ample cabinet space that rivals most home kitchens. There are two bathrooms on the 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV one off the main living space and another in the master bedroom. The mast bedroom is home to a queen-sized bed and a completely private sleeping space from the main cabin area.

In the cockpit, drivers will find Ford switch gear that matches the Ford 7.3-liter V8 used to power this luxurious land yacht. A host of exterior cameras help the driver effortlessly guide this motor home down the road and precisely park at the end of the day.

Although the reviewers found the front seats to be a little uncomfortable, the 2023 Thor Miramar Luxury RV proves to be a great RV for those looking to take long trips in comfort.

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