The new Acura Integra represents the return of Acura’s legendary small car nameplate after a 20-year hiatus in the American market. This new 2022 Integra has a lot to prove to customers as it works to carve out its spot in the compact luxury sedan marketplace. The Acura Integra’s first test is a unique drag race against an Eleventh Generation Honda Civic Si, which shares its drivetrain and platform with the new Acura Integra.

The fifth-generation Acura Integra is a five-door liftback sports sedan based on the eleventh-generation Honda Civic. The Integra may get both its powertrains and platform from the lesser Honda Civic, however, the interior, exterior, and suspension setup are all bespoke to the Integra.

The base Acura Integra is powered by the same turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-4 found in the Honda Civic Si. This boosted inline-4 produces 200 horsepower (149 Kilowatts) and 192 lb-ft (260 Newton Meters) of torque. In the Integra, the base model utilizes a CVT automatic transmission and sends power to the front wheels. The Integra Sport trim adds a 6-speed automatic transmission and a limited-slip differential for a more engaging driving experience.

The Acura Integra offers an adjustable suspension system that allows drivers to switch between sport, comfort, normal, and individual modes. Even with all of the luxury features, the Acura Integra weighs in at a spritely 3,073lbs with the 6-speed manual transmission. This lightweight sports sedan may not offer headline-grabbing horsepower figures. Still, its ability to return impressive mpg figures 26 city and 36 highway making it the perfect commuter vehicle.

The Civic Si may not have the same luxury appointments as the Acura Integra, but it makes up for it with a much lower MSRP. The Honda Civic Si currently lists for $27,500 while an Acura Integra will run you $35,800 if you’d like a 6-speed manual transmission. Would you choose the more affordable Civic Si or the more luxurious Acura Integra for your daily driver?

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