No less than fourteen track-only Ferrari FXX Ks were together for the first time last weekend in Italy.

It seems Ferrari pulled out all the stops at the Mugello circuit this past weekend during the Finali Mondiali event as after seeing the 488 GTE, 488 GT3 and a trio of F12tdf supercars. Now we bring footage with a whopping 14x FXX Ks and honestly we weren’t aware Ferrari made so many of them already, out of a total 40 units.

We remind you that earlier this year at Imola, Ferrari brought a quadruplet of FXX Ks but this is even more impressive since we get to see the hybrid McLaren P1 GTR-rivaling prancing horse in several liveries, including white which is our personal favorite.

Described as being a standalone model rather than a track-only LaFerrari, the FXX K is already sold out and when it was on sale Ferrari was asking a cool €2.5 million which means those 14 units at Mugello last weekend were worth a combined €35 million. It’s up on power and down on weight compared to the road-legal LaFerrari and also boasts a significantly more aerodynamic body which all contribute to allow the FXX K be one of the fastest cars on the track ever made.

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