Airbus Helicopters has unveiled the new H160 at the Dubai Airshow.

Airbus Helicopters has unveiled the new H160 at the Dubai Airshow.

Jointly developed with the Peugeot Design Lab, the H160 replaces the Dauphin and features a futuristic design with sleek lines and tapered windows.  The helicopter also has a composite airframe, a biplane stabilizer, a canted tail rotor and "Blue Edge" blades.

Peugeot Design Lab got involved in the project at an early stage after winning a design competition which sought to get "outside influences and to create a new benchmark with regards to helicopter style."  The firm then drew up the initial design for the helicopter and the team at Airbus worked to further develop the design into what we see today.

In a statement, the Head of Style and Design at Airbus Helicopters said, “We used the initial styling developed by Peugeot Design Lab to define a strong personality for the rotorcraft—a mirror reflection of the innovation, performance and emotion unique to the H160." Guillaume Chielens went on to say "Style has become a key priority for the H160 program, which aims to make a strong impression both with its unique personality and its performance."

Airbus didn't have much to say about the helicopter's specifications but sales are slated to begin next year and the company is working on a number of different variants including those designed for offshore transportation, business and private aviation, public services and commercial passenger transport.  Regardless of which application the helicopter is designed for, it will be powered by a new turboshaft engine that promises to be more powerful and fuel-efficient than the one used on its predecessor.

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