Alfa Romeo’s chief designer Alessandro Maccolini has given a brief description of his work on the brand new Giulia.

Cash-strapped Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had to choose between putting either Alfa Romeo or Lancia back on the map and at the end of the day they chose Alfa. The first model of the new era is the Giulia which although is certainly a looker, some people have criticized the legendary Italian marque for coming out with a design that takes cues from its main rival, the BMW 3-Series.

Alessandro Maccolini, the man in charge of design at Alfa these days, says they “took inspiration from our past, specifically from the 156”, so in other words the car’s appearance has nothing to do with its Bavarian nemesis. Maccolini made these clarifications in October during a speech to the car design community in Mantova, Italy.

It should be mentioned Alfa Romeo only revealed the range-topping Quadrifoglio version so far, but the lesser models will likely be introduced in the months to come. The Giulia Q was supposed to go on sale before the year’s end, but supplier sources are saying Alfa wants to “refine some safety and ride characteristics” which is why the car has been pushed back until the middle of 2016, with the US-spec version arriving 3 - 6 months later.

In terms of pricing, there’s going to be a fully-loaded Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Launch Edition that will kick off at €95,000 in Italy whereas the standard Quadrifoglio is going to cost €79,000. There’s no word about the other trims right now, but obviously these will be a lot cheaper.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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