The Volkswagen Arteon has another update on the way so that the German automaker can keep the big sedan fresh. These spy shots reveal that it's receiving an interior overhaul by gaining a huge tablet on the dashboard.

Starting on the inside, the big display is by far the most significant change there. Given that the current Arteon has an 8-inch screen, this one looks to be in the 12- to 13-inch range to us, maybe even a bit more.

Gallery: Volkswagen Arteon Refresh Spy Shots

In addition, the development team screws a panel around the instrument panel that might be hiding revisions in this area. The center console also has a cover over it, indicating some design updates here.

The photographer blurs out the equipment attached to the passenger side of the dashboard and in the footwell. None of this appears to be material for a production vehicle, though.

On the outside, the Arteon's front end has some small placeholder elements near the headlights. These might be for covering the future location of sensors for improved driving assistance tech. The rest of the exterior styling doesn't seem to change on this wagon.

The powertrains aren't significantly changing, according to Although, some of the options might gain a 48-volt mild-hybrid system.

It's not clear when the refreshed Arteon might debut. The changes don't appear to be very extensive, except for the interior updates. The 2022 model year example is already on sale in the US.

The Arteon debuted in 2017 in Europe and made its North American premiere in 2018. VW unveiled a refreshed version in 2020, and Europe received the wagon and R variants. The US only got the updated sedan.

This will be the final major upgrade for the Arteon. VW won't replace it at the end of the model's like, according to

VW moved 5,527 units of the Arteon in the United States in 2021, which was up 53.7 percent from the 3,602 deliveries in 2020. So far in 2022, the numbers haven't been so good. In the first quarter, the volume was just 47 examples, and this was a 96 percent drop from 1,099 deliveries in Q1 2021.

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