The mystery has been solved concerning those mysterious patent concept designs from the Chinese trademark bureau.

While many people jumped to conclusions saying this is a concept previewing the i5, we were more reluctant and it seems we were right as a source close to BMW told our friends at BMWBLOG this is nothing more than a research vehicle that won’t ever make it to production, so it will have the same fate as the i8-based hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle revealed a few months ago. The car seen here takes design cues from both the i3 and i8 and according to the BMW insider it has “some design support, but a production model would not leave the design department like this.”

BMW is working together with Toyota on developing fuel cell technology and while the latter just came out with the Mirai hydrogen vehicle, the Bavarian marque will launch its own model after the end of the decade. It will take the shape of a large sedan and will have a maximum range of more than 700 km (435 miles).

Although the fuel cell tech will be largely shared with Toyota, everything else about the car will be developed by BMW, as it should if we take into consideration the very different markets targeted by the two automakers.


Gallery: BMW says the leaked patent concept designs show a research vehicle, won’t be produced

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