BMW has set its sights on expanding the X family in the years to come by adding an X2 “crossover coupe” which now has been speculatively rendered.

Based on the second generation X1, BMW’s first ever X2 will adopt a design very similar to its bigger brothers, the X4 and X6. This means it’s going to be a less practical derivative of the X1 with a sloped roofline creating a coupe-ish profile that will be appreciated by those in the market for a stylish high-riding model from a premium marque and are willing to lose some of the practicality that comes with the body changes. Its design will probably be very close to our digital interpretation, making the car look more dynamic when viewed from the side, as seen in the spy images we posted almost a month ago.

The body style change will command a considerable premium over the regular X1, but underneath the skin it’s going to be virtually the same car. It will ride on the UKL platform like the MINI and will have a standard front-wheel drive layout although the more expensive models will take advantage of BMW’s xDrive setup. Power will come from a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines that power the X1 and the MINI.

Even though the rumors indicated it will adopt a three-door layout, in the end BMW decided to develop the X2 as a five-door which makes more sense since not a lot of people would want to buy it with a more impractical three-door body style.

Although the X2 should be revealed before the end of 2016 and go on sale early 2017, it won’t be the only new X-badged model planned by BMW as at the other end of the spectrum they are working on a lavish X7.  Furthermore, the X7 is said to spawn an ultra-luxurious version, following the standard model’s launch late 2017 / early 2018.

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