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If you’ve never heard about Tom Scott, probably the most important thing you need to know about him is that he has some amazing ideas. Known for his work as a YouTuber, educator, game show host, and web developer, he produces great educational and entertaining videos across a range of topics including history, geography, science, technology, and linguistics. Usually, his work is better suited for our free time but one of his latest videos ticks all the boxes as a proper car enthusiast production.

The story is very simple. Sparkmate, a tech company that can build basically anything you ask them, contacted Scott and asked if he had any ideas for things to build. It didn’t take long until the host of the YouTube channel popped up with a question that goes back to an old kids’ television show called Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. The science fiction series follows what is described as the "war of nerves" between Earth and the Mysterons, a race of Martians who possess partial control over matter. More importantly, however, there was some awesome rig in that series.

One of the special vehicles in the show was operated with the driver and passengers facing backwards and looking at a TV screen. Tom Scott wanted to know whether this is actually possible and Sparkmate built a buggy with two seats facing backwards and a huge television monitor. Steering, accelerating, and braking comes via an Xbox game controller and there’s a physical emergency hand brake – you know, because anything can happen with such a highly advanced and robotized vehicle.

So, does it actually work? Yes – the electric buggy steers, accelerates, and brakes and is controlled by Tom Scott via the game controller. It’s a little tricky for the mind, especially at higher speeds, but everything works as it should. Does it make any sense? No, not all. But is it fun? A hundred percent.

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