One really cool thing about camper vans and motorhomes is that they are customizable. The outside might need to meet certain specifications for the road, but there are a plethora of options for the interior, allowing customers to build their perfect home away from home. The latest Kasita camper van from Advanced RV does just that for one customer who needed storage for his fishing rods and a sword.

The sword has a custom holder in a closet located just behind the driver. It slides into a holder, and there is a cushion to keep it from rattling against the cabinet. The van also puts the bathroom at the back, so the galley flows into the seating and bed area. Here, there are custom storage racks under the cabinets above for a pair of fishing rods. The holder is magnetic and designed not to let them rattle.

The rear-positioned bathroom allows for outdoor showering and hides another clever storage solution – a custom-built litter box for cats. It’s located next to the sink and is removable, sitting in a powder-coated aluminum liner. It’s just the right size for the cat to do its business in peace. The rest of the wet bath has a toilet, sink, and shower, with all the screens and curtains needed for outdoor showing.

The rest of the camper van is fairly typical, with great storage solutions from Advanced RV. The camper comes with a fridge and freezer, a portable induction stovetop, a sizable sink, and plenty of storage for food and other gear. The galley separates the van cabin from the living area, which is a pair of long lounge couches. These fold out into the bed.

We’ve covered Advanced RV in the past, and the company has built a variety of custom camper vans for customers. There is not a lot of space in these vehicles, so taking the time to think about how you would use them is essential before you try to live in the van. We hope the owner of this Kasita gets years of enjoyment out of the custom van.

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