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We are excited to share a new batch of photos, depicting the mighty Ferrari F12tdf.

Last time we saw the vehicle, it was wearing classic red body paint, but now we have the chance to see it in a beautiful yellow hue. It was spotted by car fan Florian Schulz at a gas station near Maranello in Italy in all its glory.

Given the fact that the Italian company will produce only 799 examples of the supercar, seeing it on the streets less than a month after it was unveiled is pretty surprising. Most likely Ferrari has already started deliveries of the model to the fortunate customers.

Red or yellow, the F12trf comes with a more aggressive body kit than the standard F12, providing up to 100% downforce. Other hardware tweaks include an updated naturally-aspirated V12 engine that has 40 PS (29 kW) more for a total output of 780 PS (574 kW). Combined with a weight loss of 110 kg (220 lbs), the unit provides a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration in 2.9 seconds, while top speed is more than 340 km/h (211 mph).

Italian engineers have also retuned the F1 DCT transmission, which now offers 30% quicker upshifts and 40% quicker downshifts with 6% shorter gear ratios.

Source: Zero 2 Turbo

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