Nissan and Cummins have unveiled the Titan XD Triple Nickel at SEMA.

Named after the standard model's 555 lb-ft (751 Nm) torque rating, the Triple Nickel is a high-performance diesel-powered truck which will attempt to set a new land speed record in the D/DT and FIA A-III-9 classes.  In order to do this, the truck will have to beat the current record of 191 mph (307 km/h) in the D/DT class and 115 mph(185 km/h) in the A-III-9 class.

This won't be easy, so the truck has been modified for maximum performance. Changes include a new front air dam, a lowered suspension and salt-flat style wheel covers.  The model also has a custom bed cover, a Stroud Safety parachute and Mickey Thompson tires. The truck is still being built but the company plans to add a roll cage and additional safety equipment in the coming months.

The companies freely admit the Titan XD Triple Nickel is an "unconventional" land speed vehicle but both have a long-standing history of land-speed record racing.  In Nissan's case, the 1994 "Hardbody" compact pickup truck set multiple records in the mid-1990s including a 142.9 mph (229.9 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Gallery: Nissan Titan XD Triple Nickel unveiled

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