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BMW’s CEO – Harald Kruger, has expressed his full support for diesel technology during a speech to shareholders and media at a quarterly update conference.

Hot on the heels of Volkswagen’s dieselgate, Kruger commented that “an important element of Efficient Dynamics is our state-of-the-art diesel technology” and that “diesel is one of the cleanest and most efficient drive trains in the industry.” He also went on to say that “without diesel powertrains, we would not have been able to meet the strict CO2 limits in Europe” and that “at present, our customers are not showing any changes in their buying behavior towards diesel.”

Kruger once again confirmed that BMW “strictly adheres to the legal regulations and existing test cycles in every country”. The CEO even said he wants emission tests with new and common standards around the world. “Therefore, it is necessary to have common standards for technical systems – in Europe and worldwide – in order to provide a stable planning basis for manufacturers’ investment decisions. With a uniform system, we would no longer need to meet different technical requirements in different regions anymore. That is why we support the rapid implementation of new test cycles.”

Source: BMW via BMW Blog

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