Chinese media has obtained several patent designs showcasing what appears to be an upcoming BMW concept.

According to, these are official patent designs from a BMW filing with the Chinese trademark office and by the looks of it we are dealing with a three-door concept that judging by its design will be i-branded. Local media is reporting it’s a fuel cell vehicle, but we disagree since it has fuel caps on both sides which indicates it has a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

It’s certainly not the prettiest concept to wear the BMW badge as the design is rather too angular and the rear end looks quite busy. The aerial view isn’t half bad and provides a look at the 2+2 interior cabin which seems to have an uncluttered dashboard in the same vein as the i3 and i8.

If we were to make an assumption, this could be an ultra-frugal vehicle in the same vein as the Volkswagen XL1 with a small turbocharged engine teamed up to an electric motor wrapped around in a very lightweight body.

Whatever it is, hopefully BMW will shed some light regarding this mysterious concept which oddly enough was registered with the Chinese bureau.

Source: via Ferd

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