Our spies have sent us what we are hoping to be one of the last batches of images with a near-production E-Class W213 prototype as Mercedes-Benz should just stop with the tease and show us the car already.

Mercedes-Benz is certainly taking its sweet time coming out with the new E-Class, but at least the wait is almost over as the prototype spotted here had only a minimal amount of disguise which means an official reveal is nearby. The Daimler-owned marque recently said the new E (W213) will be revealed following the introduction of the GLS which will take place tomorrow, so expect to see the mid-size sedan online before the year’s end, with a proper introduction in January at NAIAS in Detroit.

The somewhat distinctive design of the outgoing E-Class will soon be history as its successor will fully embrace Mercedes-Benz’s latest design language and as you can see it will look like a long wheelbase C-Class on the outside, with an interior cabin partially sourced from the S-Class.

We’ve been through the details many times, so there’s no point in detailing the technical specs once again, but we are curious to find out whether that rumor about a straight-six turbodiesel engine will come true. Word on the street says it’s going to be a 2.9-liter twin-turbo with 313 bhp (233 kW) along with a beefier quad-turbo configuration good for an estimated 400+ bhp (298 kW).

It’s only one of the reports concerning the new E-Class, with another one indicating the availability of a new in-house developed 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine serving as the entry-level diesel offering and without having to source the motor from Renault.

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