Ford isn't wasting time with its new electric SuperVan. Shortly after releasing information and photos of the bonkers van-bodied race car, it made a fast ascent up the hill at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We're patiently awaiting an official video clip to embed directly into this article, but for now, you can see the space-age van aggressively tackle the historic hill climb in Goodwood's Twitter post, which we do have embedded right here.


The new SuperVan is loosely based on the Ford E-Transit, and we do mean loosely. You won't find a roll cage in the production model, and the aerodynamics of this racing van take a big bite out of its cargo-carrying capability. You can thank the Ford GT for that, as the SuperVan borrows some of the supercar's aero trickery for extra downforce. And it's needed, because underneath the skin you'll find four electric motors that generate a combined output of 1,973 horsepower. That's an even 2,000 in metric ratings, and a mid-mount 50-kWh battery maintains the tradition of balanced SuperVans with exceptional performance.

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Speaking of which, Ford says its latest SuperVan can sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than two seconds. We don't see a standing start in the Twitter video, but we do see the van zipping up the hill with some serious gusto. A hint of tire smoke is visible near the beginning of the clip as the van tackles the long right-hander in front of the crowd, motors whistling as it stretches its legs under the bridge. The real sense of speed comes on the second portion of the track, as it wiggles under braking for the sharp left, then speeds up the hill past the trees.

There isn't an official time mentioned with this run, but the SuperVan crosses the finish line at around 49 seconds in the video. The clip begins after the run starts, so figure an extra second or two into the time. That's still a sub-minute run and it looks rather conservative, so kudos to Ford for building what is no doubt an extremely fast van.

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